Maps of ancient Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire "Hartat te Perandorise Bizantine"

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Maps of ancient Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire "Hartat te Perandorise Bizantine"

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Established in 357 and lasted untill the 7th century
The praetorian prefecture of Illyricum (Latin: praefectura praetorio per Illyricum, Greek: ἔπαρχότητα/ὑπαρχία τῶν πραιτωρίων τοῦ Ἰλλυρικοῦ, also termed simply the Prefecture of Illyricum) was one of four large praetorian prefectures into which the Late Roman Empire was divided.
The administrative centre of the prefecture was Sirmium (318-379 AD), and after 379 AD- Thessalonica. It took its name from the older province of Illyricum, which in turn was named after ancient Illyria, and in its greatest expanse encompassed Pannonia, Noricum, Crete, and most of the Balkan peninsula except Thrace.

Administrative history

Unlike the other three "classical" prefectures that are mentioned in the Notitia Dignitatum (Gaul, Italy-Africa and the East), the early administrative history of Illyricum during the 4th century was turbulent, as it was abolished, re-established and divided several times.
Initially the territories comprising the later prefecture belonged to the central Prefecture of Rome, Illyricum and Africa, when it was established in 337 following the division of the Empire among the sons of Constantine the Great. It seems that the three dioceses of Macedonia, Dacia and Pannonia were first grouped together in a separate praetorian prefecture in 357 by Constantius II.
It remained in existence until 361, when it was abolished by emperor Julian, and then existed again from 375-379 under Gratian. In that year the Diocese of Pannonia ("Western Illyricum") was again added to Rome as the "Diocese of Illyricum", while Macedonia and Dacia ("Eastern Illyricum") were ruled briefly directly by Theodosius I from Thessalonica.
During the next years (384-395) they too were incorporated in the Roman prefecture, except a short period in 388-391, when the two dioceses formed a separate prefecture.
Only after the death of Theodosius in 395 and the permanent division of the Empire did the Illyricum assume the permanent form which appears in the Notitia, incorporating the dioceses of Macedonia and Dacia, with Thessalonica as capital.
However, the Western Empire, especially during the regency of Stilicho, continued to lay claim to them until 437, when, as part of the dowry of Licinia Eudoxia, Valentinian III recognized the East's sovereignty over the prefecture. On this occasion, it appears that the prefecture's capital was again moved for a while (437-441) to Sirmium, but the move is debated, as the northern Balkans were at the time ravaged by invasions.
Likewise, the intention of Justinian I to move the capital to his new city of Justiniana Prima in the 540s remained unfulfilled.

List of known praefecti praetorio per Illyricum

Anatolius (-360)
Florentius (360)
Flavius Eutychianus (396-397)
Anatolius (397-399)
Herculius (408-410)
Leontius (412-413)
Philippus (420-421)
Flavius Anthemius Isidorus (424)
Flavius Simplicius Reginus (435)
Eubulus (436)
Thalassius (439)
Apraeumius (441)
Eulogius (ca. 451)
Valentinianus (452)
Callicrates (468-469)

The flag and the symbol of Byzantine Empire, doubleheaded eagle with the cross in the crown

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