Manchester United vs. Aston Villa

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Manchester United vs. Aston Villa

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Manchester United vs. Aston Villa
It's been 47 months since this phrase was uttered about Manchester United in the Premier League: 'back-to-back losses.' At Old Trafford it must feel like the earth has stopped spinning as they've shipped six goals in two matches after conceding 12 in their previous 27.
The backlash will surely come this weekend. Or will it? Almost the entire squad has played World Cup qualifiers — plus no Vidic, Rooney or Scholes.
February 7 was the last time Martin O'Neill had a smile on his face. Since that glorious Ewood Park afternoon it's been nothing short of a car crash for the Villains. Champions League dreams are becoming nightmares and their 'B4' membership has been revoked. When you hear pundits talking 'pear-shaped', think Aston Villa.

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